A Brief Guide On The Spot UV Business Cards

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It goes without saying that printing material is one of the best ways to attract the market let it be the business cards or the brochures or custom labels and therefore, one should invest in making these as attractive and catchy as it possibly could be. The best and easiest way is to add a little shine to your cards and there is no best way to do it then UV printing, the spot UV business cards are the trendiest cards in the market these days.

UV coating:

Ultra violet coating is actually a shiny layer of the liquid coat applied on the top of the normal printing material and then this is hardened or cured using the UV lamp or some special machine that puts the UV light on it. The reason why it is in the market and getting popular is the shine that it adds to the business cards or the print materials make it look much more dramatic and it looks that effort is applied in the manufacturing whereas this does not much require any effort.

Benefits of the spot UV business cards;

Aesthetically appealing:

The best colours to apply the spot UV printing on is the rich colours such as blue and black because this give it almost a wet appearance and this could add high definition to the images and some important texts and part of the spot UV business cards.

Abrasion prevention:

The business cards travel a lot from one person to another and then to another, you certainly do not want that by the team your business card reach to someone who can make use of it, the information on it is faded or destroyed and therefore, the spot UV business cards are abrasion resistant which makes these much more durable and safer from all kinds of fading, smudging and protected against chemicals as well. This is how you are ensured that the business card will look as professional as new as it was when it came out of press for a good amount of time.


As mentioned earlier, in the spot UV business cards, there are certain parts of the business cards which are coated usually and this is how it gives much more clarity to these elements and these elements pop out as soon as someone looks at the card.

Friendly for the environment:

UV printing is safe process adding no harmful chemicals or elements to the environment and not only this but the papers on which the UV coatings are applied can easily be recycled just as the normal paper. For more information please visit our website www.fastprinting.com.

How You Could Sell More Using Jewellery Tags Printing On Your Products





There are many reasons why you need to revamp your jewellery business in a way that redefines your brand and ensure that you stay on top at what you do. Making designer jewellery is a thing of art and everything connected to this should be of the most paramount quality to ensure that your product is worth its weight in gold. Everything connected to your brand shall be excellent to ensure that you are providing the best service and the best good out there in the market. There are many things that you need to consider to ensure that this is the case on a day to day basis and that your jewellery consists of the best ornaments that you are going to be needing to ensure you stay on top of the market and ahead of the competition at all times using all means necessary to achieve this goal. To do this you could not go wrong by getting some good quality jewellery tags printing mechanism in place that ensure that your jewellery’s records stay intact and that you have a track record of all the products that are going out and coming inside of your inventory at all times. Following are some of the reasons why people prefer to get a jewellery tags printing system in place: 

Keeps record of all the goods in place: 

One of the reasons why many people prefer to get jewelry tags printing for all of their items in the inventory is that it help them keep a consistent track on a day to day basis that would indicate the levels and the types of inventory that were sold and those that were retained by them. This is one of the main reasons why all people prefer to get good quality jewellery tags for their jewellery items. This would help ensure that all items are accounted for given the parameters of the business.  

Better integration with all financial modules: 

All tags would incorporate barcodes that would be scanned by your employees at the time of the sale. These would help ensure that the products are properly accounted for in order to ensure that they are being recorded at the point of sale and that they will be updated in the list of inventories as soon as the sale takes place. The opposite is the same if inventory is made and placed there after placing jewellery tags printed on them, it will instantly be recorded in the inventory system of your product listing. This all pans out to be a very useful system for people who have a lot of jewellery in their shops to manage effectively.