Challenges In Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a field of engineering. Constructions of building, road, dams, pipelines, bridges and also other commercial construction work is responsibility of civil engineering. Civil engineering is a diverse filed. In globalize and revolutionary world, civil engineering is an emerging filed.

Nowadays, where scope of civil engineering is increasing on other hand this filed also faces many hurdles and challenges. Some challenges for civil engineering and for civil engineer are:

Challenges for civil engineering filed:

  1. Safety problems: incidents on construction sites are now become common. Many potential hazards are present on construction site; that is why civil engineering industry has high percentage of incidents and death. Most injuries on sites make a person handicap for life.
  2. Health risk: dust and other material use on construction sites cause many diseases. On site, if proper safety measures do not adopted by owner, then it can cause many serious health issues. Health and safety measures are first and foremost priority of construction site.
  3. Environmental problems: environmental problem is also a major issue causes by construction site. Dust emission from construction sites cause air pollution. Chemicals also use at construction sites is harmful for environment. Many civil engineers also admit that chemicals use on construction sites are not environment friendly.
  4. Lose of resources: in case of any incident, the construction sites close due to investigate and other legal formalities. Due to this resources of owner start spoiling. On other hand in case of any legal claim about property can also disturb the construction work. Payment claims or defects in labour force also ruin the resources.
  5. Climate and weather: climate or weather conditions also cause disturbance in construction. Stormy weather, floods, heavy rain, and other hurricanes cause loss of resources and also cause fatalities. A stable weather condition is necessary for better construction work and it is impossible.

Construction sites need precautions and other safety measures to avoid any kind of incident. When a civil engineer goes to take the job, he should know all challenges of future life. A civil engineer must mentally prepare for any incident or issue. A civil engineer should know the problems of site. A civil engineer should aware about, site does not have any air conditioner and at 50 degree, he should perform with same morals.

Civil engineering is not as easy as people think. In Australia where different civil construction companies in Australia are working, Entracon is also working from years in this field. Civil engineers of this company are fully aware about all hardships. Entracon takes all precautionary measures to avoid any incident. Many commercial construction companies do not pay attention about life of labours but Entracon knows how to take care of its labour and staff.

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